You were a loner, traveling from place to place until eventually your legs gave out under you. The area you had just stumbled upon was a large, lush forest sitting not far from a human town. The forest even has a small lake in it. You pad into the forest on your sore, tired paws and soon find a nice place to rest under a tree. You awaken to the sound of another wolf's voice. "Who are you, and why are you in our territory?" Asks a wolf, as it stands over you. "My name is ____, and I am tired of traveling. I wish to join you and your pack." After studying you for a moment, the wolf bows it's head. "Very well, you may join. Follow me." And with that, the wolf walks off leaving to to get up and follow it.

The Packs:


Willowpack is know for their light colored, fluffy pelts. They have the most endurance out of the four. They have a long standing rivalry with the Briarpack, and are constantly at odds with them over territory and prey. They are known to be stubborn in battle, or 'too stupid to know when to quit' according to the other packs. They have a bit too much energy for the other pack's taste, but they are the first to jump in when another pack (Briarpack excluded) needs help.

Willowpack wolves are known to be wary of humans, yet don't chase them off the territory unless they hurt the environment or one of the wolves. Some of the other packs see this as a weakness, though in the cold seasons the humans will sometimes return the kindness by throwing scraps around where they had stayed.

Willowpack split off from the Stormpack, along with Briarpack and Mistpack.


Briarpack wolves are typically black or other dark colors. They are the strongest pack by strength. They have a long standing rivalry with the Willowpack, and are constantly at odds with them over territory and prey. They are known to be ruthless in battle, and unwilling to trust any of the other packs, but to those they trust, they are supportive, helpful, and selfless.

They live in the coldest territory in the forest, and so they know how to survive the cold seasons better then the other packs. They are resourceful, and good with pack politics. They sometimes hire the help of house-pet guard dogs in exchange for some of they're food.

Briarpack split off from the Stormpack, along with Mistpack and Willowpack


Eclipsepack was thought to be formed when a member from Willowpack and a member of Briarpack fell in love. the result being Eclipsepack's signature black and white coat. the Eclipsepack is the fastest of all the packs in the forest. they live next to Mistpack on the other side of the lake, and sometimes when prey is scarce, the go into the water to fish. when fighting, they are known as the masters of tactics. for they use battle plans that aren't 'go in head-first and hurt as many as you can'. Eclipsepack wolves think highly of themselves, supposedly having all the best traits of Willowpack and Briarpack and none of the weaknesses, though this is not true. they're pride is a weakness in and of it's self, as they have been known to accidentally let enemies escape while they gloat about they're superiority.

they hate to have to ally themselves with any other packs, but will if absolutely necessary. they share some of Mistpack's point of view in the fact that the packs shouldn't be constantly fighting like they do. they usually try to get out of messes themselves, but will ask for help if they really need it.


Mistpack members are usually red in color, and rather small in comparison to the other packs. they love the water, and usually eat fish. they are the stealthiest pack, but also the most peaceful. they live a bit closer to the humans then the other packs, and will sometimes take stray house-dogs into the pack. even though they prefer peace to bloodshed, they are just as deadly in combat as any other pack.

Mistpack likes to stay out of conflict, but will step in if it goes too far. Mistpack so far have been the only ones to (at least temporarily) get Willowpack and Briarpack to stop fighting.

Mistpack split off from the Stormpack, along with Briarpack and Willowpack.


House-dogs are the loyal pets of the humans who live in the town near the forest, and are generally looked down upon by wolves. some house-dogs do have instinct worthy of a wolfpack member, and so some are welcomed into packs. house-dogs are typically care-free, happy-go-lucky pets of humans, though there are the lone-dogs who don't have any humans to take care of them.

the guard-dogs are on civil terms with Briarpack, though neither will admit it. and will shelter Briarpack's pups if they can't feed them for some reason. some house-dogs are wolves who had left they're pack to live the easy life, these wolves are considered traitors by all packs and are given a hard time by most dogs.

Season: Early Spring

The forest is green and abuzz with activity. prey is plentiful and the packs are enjoying a temporary moment of peace.

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